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Iran story

Posted on 29-10-2014 by Michael Kaufman

We came to Iran for two reasons: to look for birds and wildlife and to meet and speak with the Iranian people. Many people we know and talked with about our plans were worried and afraid, since there is so much negative talk about Iran. We knew that Iran wouldn't be so bad but it has exceeded ev ... » View full article


One brazilian in iran

Posted on 05-09-2014 by Marco Aurelio Moura

Todos os dias vemos e lemos muitas noticias sobre o Iran. Mas sempre quis ver a verdade sobre todos os fatos. Costumo investigar a respeito. Este ano tive a oportunidade de vir conhecer o famoso Iran. E adorei a cada minuto. Completamente diferente de muitas coisas que li ainda no Brasil. Aqui as ... » View full article


Trip through Iran

Posted on 17-08-2014 by Elbra14

Teheran Teheran is a strange, but attractive monster. It is huge, with terrible traffic….and above all, it’s not very pretty. So what is it that makes this city so attractive? The very possibility to find a peaceful, beautiful and relaxing place.   There are a lot of these place ... » View full article


Ik hou van Iran!

Posted on 17-08-2014 by Nathaniel Chi Nkimbeng

Ik ben meneer Nathaniel. Ik ben naar Iran gegaan voor zaken en ik ben bijna 6 maanden in Teheran gebleven. De Iraniërs zijn erg vriendelijk en ze vinden mensen van andere landen geweldig! Ze vinden het ook leuk om te vragen waar je vandaan komt, wat je in Iran komt doen en wat je voor werk doet ... » View full article



Posted on 25-07-2014 by Jimmy Jiang

Dit was de eerste keer dat ik in Iran was, voor mij was Iran altijd een mysterieus land met een lange maar onbekende geschiedenis. Om 4 uur ’s ochtends kwam het vliegtuig aan op Imam Khomeini International Airport, een klein vliegveld dat ook nog eens niet heel nieuw was, maar wel ordelijk. De sp ... » View full article


Iran, het land met meerdere gezichten.

Posted on 18-07-2014 by Didier Henet

Een ervaring van het land in het verleden, heden en de toekomst! Zo veel uitmuntende archeologische locaties hebben ons kunnen bekoren…ben er maar zeker van dat we onze wandeling rond de Persepolis ruïnes in de oude stad Yadz, nooit zullen vergeten. Het is zo makkelijk om contact te maken met ... » View full article


Our story about Iran

Posted on 13-07-2014 by Jimmy Jiang

This was the first time I visited Iran, for me Iran always has been a mysterious country with a long, but unknown history. At 4 o’clock in the morning, the plane landed at Imam Khomeini International Airport. A small airport which isn’t very new, but very organised. The sponsor with w ... » View full article


A place that you have to go ...

Posted on 12-07-2014 by Samuel Wang

Tehran is a very clean, quiet and beautiful city and people here are very kind and polite. I like to walk on the street in Tehran and you can feel and taste the smell of the whole city. There is few of special restaurant you can find in Tehran and most of them are fast food. The only famous resta ... » View full article


Iran, the country of multiple faces

Posted on 09-07-2014 by Didier Henet

An experience of the land of the past, the present and the future! So many high class archeological sites have pleased us... be sure we'll never forget our walk around the Persepolis ruines or the old Yadz city. So good contacts with the Iranian people around the streets, the museums, and the ... » View full article


Iran is certainly an amazing and surprising place!

Posted on 13-06-2014 by Hans Mertens

Ishfahan breathes an atmosphere of allure. One of the largest squares in the world, surrounded by beautiful buildings with an entrance to a bazaar, where you can get lost. But exactly that is the great thing! The most beautiful colours, scents and covered women, men with drawn faces, you see beautif ... » View full article

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